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Owners of homes in Blackburn or private tenants who have permission to do work on the heating system now have a chance to help make their homes more eco-friendly. This program gives boiler grants to Blackburn home owners for insulating, repair or replacement of boilers.

In addition to being a home owner or a private tenant, you will also need to have a boiler that is older than five years. This is because it is more cost effective to repair these boilers because they still have some useful life in them.

To qualify for a free gas boiler, you only need to set apart two minutes for filling the online form, after which you will be able to schedule an assessment. This assessment will determine whether or not you are qualified to receive a boiler in the free boiler scheme in Blackburn.

Depending on the energy efficiency in your home and the benefits criteria that you meet, you might be given full funding or partial funding in your boiler replacement. Either way, you get an efficient A-rated boiler free of charge, or at a fraction of the cost.

This initiative is part of the 'Affordable Warmth' program that seeks to reduce the carbon footprint of homesteads in the country. The money comes from the green tax that every taxpayer in the country contributes. This program seeks to provide free efficient boilers and improved home insulation for vulnerable and low-income households.

If you don't qualify for a free gas or oil boiler in the program and you still need to replace your boiler, you can arrange to get financing for your home boiler. By switching to a modern efficient boiler, you will be reducing your home heating bills by around £300 every year. This figure could be higher if you have a big house.

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