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Boilers can make up for more than half of what goes into your energy bills each year. You need to ensure that you have an efficient boiler to help you save on energy costs. The free boiler scheme in Burnley helps you cut back on such expenses in many ways including helping you avoid the high cost of buying a new broiler. Boiler grants in Burnley will also help you save your heating bills by up to 35%

This free boilers scheme in Burnley ultimately aims to reduce the amount of carbon produced yearly through installing better heating systems. The boilers are all condensing types meaning they have a more effective heat exchanger and release cooler gases, resulting in less heat loss and as a result, reduced unnecessary burning of fuel.

Boiler grants in Burnley are non-payable and have no stringent terms. Your home efficiency determines the amount of funding you get. An assessment to determine that will be carried out free of charge.

The free broilers are installed free of charge with new heating control systems. Installation of the boilers is easy and it is done by qualified and approved installers from Eco Efficient. Free boilers in Burnley are longer lasting and come with guarantees from the manufacturers.

How do I qualify for a free gas or a free oil boiler in Burnley? Good question! You only need to meet the laid out criteria which is

Think you qualify? Fill out an online application form and you will be contacted with more information about the program and what you need to do next.

We're staffed full of experts, so if you'd like to talk through anything in person, fill in the Quote Form, give us an idea of where you are and one of our local advisors will call you back.

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