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Free Eco Heating System

This free eco heating system is funded by the government to support low income earners, the elderly among other categories. To find out whether you qualify for this service, walk to our offices and we will be glad to support you. If you have a congested schedule, just send us an email and our professional team of staff will be glad to respond to your email.

To understand you better, our team will send you a questionnaire for you to fill. Once we establish that you qualify for this service our team will notify you either by email or by a phone call. They will book an appointment to visit your residence and assess the building. This helps us choose the best heating system for your household.

This noble initiative by the government is to ensure your heating system is friendly to the environment. It comes with a functionality that combats the release of carbon dioxide to the environment making it a safer place to live in.

The heating system is also made to ensure that no carbon monoxide is released to your household during the heating place. This ensures your home is a safe place for your loved ones.

The eco heating system is also made to minimise the use of power. This enables you to conserve your power consumption hence cutting down on your utility bills.

To minimise noise in your house, the eco heating system doesn't produce any sound during the process of heating. This gives you a peaceful environment to live in.

During the installation process, our team will take you through safety precautions to observe when operating the heatingsystem. They will also guide you on how to detect faults with the heating system.

This early detection will ensure your heating system is repaired in good time. This saves it from a possible breakdown. They willalso guide you on ways of trouble shooting the system in case of failures.This is an absolute free service so you do not have to worry.

All our heating systems come with a warranty. This assures you that you are receiving quality services. Free does not mean poor quality. You are guaranteed the best eco heating system in the region.

This gives you peace of mind. Therefore, in case of an unforeseen breakdown within the warranty period, we will be glad to repair it absolutely for free. However, in case it has mechanical damages, we will replace it with a brand new eco heating system.

Once the heating system has been installed, it will require regular servicing to ensure it is in great shape. The servicing also ensures the system maintains the efficiency and can deliver optimal eating to your home.

Our team will take you through a checklist during the servicing to ensure you are an informed customer.

For all the repairs on your heating system, we will handle it for you.

Talk to eco efficient and enjoy unmatched eco heating system for your home. We will be glad to serve you absolutely free of charge.

We're staffed full of experts, so if you'd like to talk through anything in person, fill in the Quote Form, give us an idea of where you are and one of our local advisors will call you back.

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