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Homes in Pontefract will now be able to get modern and energy efficient boilers thanks to the government's 2016 ECO Scheme. In this scheme, home owners and some private tenants will be able to get boiler grants for their homes in Pontefract.

To qualify, there are some conditions that have to be met. One of them is that your current boiler should be at least five years old. The main aim or this free boiler scheme is to bring eco-friendly home heating solutions within reach for all households.

How do I qualify?

To check if you qualify, you just need to fill in a simple online form giving more details about your household and the average income and your home energy costs. Once this has been done, you will be able to schedule a quick survey of your home energy use, which will help establish if you need one of the available free boiler grants in Pontefract.

As soon as the survey is complete, a technician from ECO Efficient will reach out to you to make arrangements for the installation and before long you will be ready to start enjoying the benefits of having an efficient home heating system.

There are a limited number of free boilers in Pontefract so if you want one, you should apply as soon as possible. These grants can get you free gas boilers in Pontefract or even free oil fired boilers that are energy efficient.

Home owners that don't qualify for a full grant will have the boiler installed at a heavily subsidized rate that will see them pay a small fraction of the cost and still get a new boiler. More details on how you can get one of the free oil boilers available in Pontefract can be found on the government website page of the program.

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